Making Places Last: Sustainable Homes and Communities – 7/11/18


7 November


09:00 – 15:30


Tally Ho, Pershore Road, Birmingham , B5 7RN


Climate Change Solutions

The event

Making Places Last is the 4th in a series of successful annual events focusing on Sustainable Homes and Communities. The event will present Case study evidence that innovative products and solutions are available to ensure communities we are developing now will be low carbon, sustainable and functioning in a circular economy by 2030, the target date to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. We can stop perpetuating mistakes of the past that have led to Grenfell and continuing waste and polluting activities. We have the means to do so. We will bring together product and service providers from the myriad of sectors that can collaborate to deliver fit for purpose communities plus those responsible for ensuring we should have such communities in the future

We are delighted to incorporate an interactive RSA Sustainability Network ‘World Cafe’ workshop into the day’s events which will explore issues arising from the presentations and question and test conclusions. With targets set for a transition away from fossil fuelled vehicles to clean and renewable energy systems; localised, renewable energy provision; a public rebellion against throw away plastic; the new world of information technology; moves towards localised food provision, we truly are experiencing a transformational revolution. How can we energise it? What hurdles stand in the way?

Booking and further information

This event is free to attend as a delegate. The event also has room to host more exhibitors, however, this has a £200 fee. Visit the Climate Change Solutions website to register your attendance.