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Measuring waste and saving money – Lichfield


Thursday 16 June




St Thomas’s Priory Golf Club, Hawkesyard Estate, Armitage Park, Nr Lichfield, WS15 1ED


National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP)

Target audience

If your company is based in the region and you would like to improve your bottom line, increase sales opportunities and improve your environmental credentials as well as some great networking opportunities, follow the link below for flyer and details on how to book.

The event itself

 All wasted resources such as raw materials, wastes, water, energy and even space and expertise have associated financial and environmental costs.

These are often unknown or underestimated, but by measuring these resources, opportunities can then be identified and steps put in place to not only reduce waste generation, but to also save money! NISP is delivering a number of FREE training workshops to companies based in the West Midlands, as part of a European Union funded project to develop smarter ways of bringing resource management solutions and bottom line benefits in the region.

The course will help companies to manage their resources more efficiently by providing a standard approach to identifying and collecting data. The course will provide details on prioritising data according to business needs ‐ such as disposal costs, hazardous waste issues, transport costs and legislative requirements to ensure resulting actions achieve maximum impact for companies involved. The course will also introduce ‘Next Steps’ for turning data into meaningful actions to improve a company’s environmental performance, boost efficiency and ultimately increase profits.

Next steps can include:

  • NISP assisting to identify cost effective solutions for waste
  • Implementing initial stages of an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Collecting evidence to count towards continual professional development initiatives


How do you attend this event

To register for this event contact NISP West Midlands on 0845 094 9515 or email wendy.poole@nisp.org.uk.


Flyer (pdf)

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