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Offsite Construction ARLI Workshop & ‘Smart Buildings’ Dragons Den Competition 4/7/19


04 July 2019


09:30 – 13:00 – BuildOffSite event 14:00 – 17:00 – ARLI Workshop & ‘Smart Buildings’ Dragons Den Competition


University of Birmingham


University of Birmingham – ARLI

The events

BuildOffSite event By now we all understand the clear and obvious benefits that offsite solutions can bring, however, does the market understand the PROCESS that you must follow in order to maximise project efficiency and gain those benefits? This event will explore the disparate process required to successfully enable an offsite project, and highlight whether the industry is aligned when it comes to a clear process for Offsite projects. More details here. ARLI Workshop & ‘Smart Buildings’ Dragons Den Competition Join us for an exciting ARLI workshop run to support businesses in developing cost-effective products and processes for construction, which provide energy-efficiency gains in the use of raw and waste materials. ARLI is an ERDF-funded initiative, it brings together a team of experienced academics and engineers. The ARLI project aims to identify waste streams, or other materials that could be transformed into higher value goods for construction and other manufacturing industry applications. The project also looks at process improvements to aid low-carbon production of materials. To submit your interest to attend, please register here.

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