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Passivhaus Design Principles Webinar – 6-13-20/5/20


6 May, 13 May, 20 May


10:00 – 12:30




Built Environment Climate Change Innovations

The Event

This workshop is open to all those with an interest in specifying, designing & constructing low energy buildings & the Passivhaus standard.


Passivhaus is a voluntary standard for achieving low energy buildings, far exceeding the requirements of current Building Regulations. A Passivhaus building provides a high level of occupant comfort whilst using very little energy for heating and cooling, therefore reducing the building ecological footprint. Understanding energy balancing is the key for designing a Passivhaus building, as there are many ways to meet the Passivhaus criteria.

Series Structure

This Passivhaus series will take place across 3 dates. Each webinar session will cover a different aspect to Passivhaus, we therefore recommend attending all 3 sessions for you to get the most out of the workshops.
  • Wednesday 6th May – Introduction to Passivhaus
  • Wednesday 13th May – Passivhaus Design Principles
  • Wednesday 20th May – Passivhaus Energy Balancing

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will:
  • Be familiar with the Passivhaus standard, including the assessment and certification process
  • Understand the building physics for effective design of low-carbon buildings
  • Be familiar with the key elements of Passivhaus design principles
  • Understand the practicalities and challenges of building to Passivhaus standards

Booking and More Information

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