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Retrofit workshop


Wednesday 7 July


4.00pm to 6:30pm


Balcony Rooms, Level 4, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Bimringham B4 7XG


Birmingham Best Practice Club and RegenWM

The event itself

The Climate Change Act (2008) requires that by 2050, the UK’s annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions should be reduced by 80% compared to 1990 levels. Home energy use is responsible for over a quarter of UK CO2 emissions, which contribute to climate change. It has been estimated that about 24 million homes, that either exist now or are built before 2016, will still exist in 2050. This means that on average, some 600,000 homes will need to be refurbished to a high degree of thermal performance each year to reach the 80% target. (Source: Energy Savings Trust).

This presents both challenges and opportunities for the construction industry. As a follow-up to the Birmingham Best Practice Club’s breakfast meeting ‘Retrofit: as good as new’, this workshop explores the experiences of exemplar schemes.

The focus of this workshop is the retrofit of a house on the Egghill Estate in Northfield, Birmingham. G F Tomlinson received a grant of £150k through the Technology Advisory Board to fit out a post-war Wates-style house with modern alternative energy solutions for the government to gauge on efficacy over the next two years. There will also be other demonstrator examples.

Jerry Tseng of Pick Everard, G F Tomlinson’s Consultants advising on low energy solutions, will be running the workshop with Professor Mark Rowley of Loughborough University who will be providing an independent assessment for submission to the government.

How do you attend this event

Free for members and £10 for non-members, which includes a light snack and refreshments. To book, submit an online registration form and select a payment method.
Payments are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Places are limited. Confirmation that your booking has been accepted will be sent by email before the event.

Contact for further information

For more information visit the Birmingham Best Practice Club website.

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