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SHAP Summit and Health & Wellbeing Conference – 13/6/14


13 June 2014


Summit: 09:00 – 12:00 Health & Wellbeing workshop: 13:00 – 15:30


Homes and Communities Agency, 5 St Philips Place, Birmingham, B3 2PW


Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP)

The event

This summit is for those who provide leadership in the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable housing. The aims are for participants to shape where we are now, what the future hold and what our strategic priorities should be. The health workshop is aimed at professionals who are responsible for housing and health strategy, budgets and delivery. We are working with DECC to identify:

  • actions taken to tackle fuel poverty: health outcomes in different groups (e.g. children, adults etc); mental health outcomes; other social outcomes; the potential cost savings to local health services and how best to measure these.
  • existing examples of health initiated household improvements with a view to understanding what is working on the ground at the moment; what experience participants have of interaction with health or social services professionals; the barriers to such projects getting off the ground (beyond lack of funding) and how such health ‘referrals’ can best be translated into household improvements.

Booking and further information

The summit agenda and booking details can be found here. The health workshop agenda and details can be found here.

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