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Smart Energy policy consultation workshop – 6/12/16


6 December 2016


09:30 – 16:00


Jaguar Suite in Ricoh Arena, Coventry, CV6 6AQ


Energy Live News Ltd

The event

The government is inviting views on how to develop the UK energy system to deliver benefit for domestic and non-domestic businesses. Developing a smart, flexible energy system may require changes in policy and end-user behaviour. BEIS is working with Ofgem to respond to the challenge of increasing the efficiency of the system and it is important that the end-users are represented in this decision-making to ensure that businesses are able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies and services. The consultation comprises questions, covering:

  •  Enabling Storage
  •  Role of Aggregators in providing balancing services and system flexibility
  •  System value pricing
  •  Smart pricing tariffs (time of use tariffs)
  •  Smart distribution tariffs (changes to DUoS and capacity charging)
  •  Other Government Policies
  •  Smart appliances (Internet of Things)
  •  Ultra-low emission Vehicles
  •  Consumer engagement with Demand Side Response
  •  Consumer protection and Cyber Security
  •  Roles and responsibilities of different parties in network operation
  • ​ ​Innovation

The outcome of this consultation will determine which technologies and services are supported by policy over the foreseeable period. An outcome that suits the needs of your business or organisation is imperative to effective energy management and load balancing during the coming decade. The outline plans for the Smart Energy policy consultation workshop are as follows: The consultation comprises 323 pages of written documentation across 4 different reports, plus a spreadsheet of supporting data.   To make this accessible and understandable, the workshop will go through each section in turn. Participants will be encouraged to express opinions and compare notes with other end-users through the use of questions.

  • How do you want to manage demand at your site (in an ideal world)?
  • What concerns do you have about installing storage technologies/Time of Use tariffs/cyber security?
  • Why have you struggled to tackle this issue to date?
  • Do you think your business will become a “prosumer” instead of a consumer? Why (not)?

In advance of the workshop, the consultation documents will be summarised into what an end-user needs to know. These can be provided to the end-users to support their understanding. After the event, the feedback and feelings from the day will be used to develop consensus template responses which will be circulated to all attendees.  These template responses can be used verbatim or adapted to inform their own organisation-specific consultation response. The event will be supported with online surveys and a webinar to communicate with those unable to physically attend on the day; however, end-users will be encouraged to attend on the day for maximum benefit. There will be tea and coffee and pastries on arrival and lunch will also be served.

Booking and further information

To register for this workshop and making sure your views are heard, please email  geoff.curran@energylivenews.com. There is a maximum of 70 attendees and will be accepting on a first come basis.

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