Social landlords and the journey to Net Zero webinar-22/09/2020


22 September 2020






Energy Systems Catapult

The Event

The Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS) is keen to explore the social housing sector to understand how decisions are made and the drivers and barriers to the installation of innovative technology in social housing.

Social housing represents 5.5 million homes in the UK and therefore has the potential to deliver a significant change in the use of renewables and smart energy by adopting different approaches.

They want to build on our understanding of the challenges and needs of those involved in the supply chain, and what could be done to support this, and also what can we learn from those doing this today. Their research has shown that the sector would value insight into these issues, and learning from across different parties involved as to what works for getting low carbon innovative technology installed.

This webinar will introduce the perspectives of those involved, including project learnings and drivers for rolling out low carbon technologies with the aim to help all parties to improve understanding of this market.

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