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Ten Point Plan for Green Growth – Green Buildings (08/02/2022)


8 February 2022




Online webinar


Midlands Engine and East Midlands Chamber

The Event

This session is one of a series of virtual roundtable events that will provide the business community with the opportunity to hear how the Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine sets out, with a unified voice, the Midlands Engine Partnership’s collective plan and  actions to be taken in partnership which will accelerate both the Midlands and the UK’s path to net zero. This interactive session will cover the theme of “Green Buildings” Overview of the Green Buildings Theme The Midlands will lead the UK in the shift to energy efficient buildings and away from fossil fuel sources for heating, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With a threefold focus on designing and building new greener buildings, retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency and developing next generation low carbon heating technologies, with the aim to create new jobs, skills and supply chains in our region. Aims include:
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce energy demand
  • Improve energy security
  • Support innovation
  • Create exports in low carbon heating
  • Create high-value jobs, particularly in SMEs
  • Overview of the Ten Point Plan For Green Growth in the Midlands Engine – detail of the wider plan
  • Focus on the Green Building Theme – delivered by the theme lead, Wayne Bexton, Director of Carbon Reduction, Energy and Sustainability, Nottingham City Council
  • Business Case Study (tbc)  – detailing the importance of the theme to the business community
  • Interactive discussion on the theme


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