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The Parks Where I Live – 20/4/16


20 April 2016


10:00 – 15:30


Perry Common Community Hall, 87 Witton Lodge Road, Birmingham, B23 5JD


Witton Lodge Community Association

The event

The Parks Where I Live workshop will launch the project of the same name that aims to deliver parks that people want to use, by regenerating them and making them more sustainable.  The parks that are to be regenerated include those in Stockland Green and Kingstanding.  The vision is to “Create parks that are well-used and managed well.”  Members of communities and authorities that are considering or in the process of regenrating parks in their areas will benefit from attending and sharing good practice.

Booking and further information

To book, please contact Linda Hines at linda.hines@wittonlodge.org.uk | 0121 382 1930.

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