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The Post Growth Project: The Regional Dimension – 11/2/15


11 February 2015


18:00 – 20:00


Adrian Cadbury Lecture Theatre, Aston Business School


SWM member Aston University and features contributions from SWM member Localise WM

The event

This event is a regional roll-out of a national project launched in December 2014 looking at a ‘post-growth’ world where our economic systems could be readjusted to deliver fairer and more environmental friendly types of economic growth. As economic growth continues to be heralded as the cure for all financial and other woes by mainstream politicians, business leaders and media commentators, outside the mainstream the realisation that such growth is in fact not the solution but the opposite is beginning to gain real traction in many arenas. The idea that we are about to enter a post-growth world has acquired credibility for those who acknowledge that there are ecological limits to growth. This has led to a series of exciting debates about our future and the regional dimension is a key one that is now major political issue. The world after growth offers real opportunities to realize a number of universals that have struggled to become realities – equality, justice, peace, prosperity, environmental sustainability, respect and the principle of hope. These universals are no longer the ‘impossibilist’ dreams of political radicals but realistic and necessary conditions for a better world. And, Green House’s new book, The Post-Growth Project, shows how it can be done initiating vibrant and alternative avenues for enquiry, critique and policy development. Agenda

  • 18.00-      Arrival
  • 18.10-      Communicating Sustainability: short videos from MSc Social Responsibility and Sustainability Group
  • 18.30-      Introduction and Welcome to the Post-Growth Project – John Blewitt
  • 18.45-      Short Presentations – Karen Leach, Jonathan Essex and Andrew Dobson
  • 19.30-      Audience Q&A and Discussion
  • 20.00-      End

Booking and further information

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