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The Warwick Low Carbon Society Initiative’s third annual seminar on Regulation in the Energy Industry


Thursday 19 May 2011




B1.16, Warwick Business School, Scarman Road, The University of Warwick


The Warwick Low Carbon Society Initiative

The event itself

There are major challenges facing energy systems worldwide – how to achieve security of supply and mitigate climate change and, in these constrained times, the costs of achieving both. Some of the key questions include: 

How much will we need long distance transmission and will we move from passive to active network management and smart grids?

What are the prospects for “smart cities”?

What will be the role of the demand side?

What about the prospects for injecting biogas into gas networks?

What about the relative balance between gas and electricity – will there be a major switch to electric heating and electric vehicles, for example?

What changes are needed to energy markets and regulation to meet these challenges?

This seminar will explore what is being done in the UK, Europe, China and Russia to meet these new challenges. Download flyer for more information.

How do you attend this event

Please register your interest in attending by sending an email to: Energy.Seminar@wbs.ac.uk 


Seminar Flyer

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