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Thriving Through a Green Industrial Revolution (21/10/21)


21 October 2021


17:00 – 19:30


The Exchange, Newhall Street. Birmingham. B3 3PJ


Forum for Global Challenges

The Event

Taking place in the run up to the Forum for Global Challenges inaugural conference, which seeks solutions to the global challenges of climate change and inequalities. The conference will be held from the 02-04 May 2022. Economic recovery from the global pandemic must be a green recovery. If we cannot cut greenhouse gas emissions, we risk climate change spiralling out of control. It is urgent that businesses and industry make rapid changes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions throughout production and supply chains, but how? What actions can government, consumers and employees take to incentivise green transition? For regions looking to attract and grow industry, how can the industrial landscape be revolutionised so that green businesses thrive? We need a global Green Industrial Revolution to support a sustainable future. This panel discussion will draw on the plans and experience of the West Midlands in the UK, ‘Home of the Green Industrial Revolution’, and on experience throughout the world to identify the key challenges and solutions in transitioning to green industry. This is a hybrid event that you can attend virtually – details on joining this way will be announced soon.


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