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Tomorrow’s world – the future of building technology


17-20 October 2010


NEC, Birmingham


Built Environment Solutions and Technologies (BEST)

Target audience

Tomorrow’s World is aimed at fostering new innovations, and will only showcase products that are:

  • In development
  • Conceptual
  • Being tested
  • Or recently launched/ new to market


If your product or idea meets these criteria, then Tomorrow’s World is a simple and cost effective way of getting in front of the industry, and potentially

The event itself

Tomorrow’s World is a showcase of innovation and enterprise that will help shape the built environment of the future. It demonstrates emerging solutions and technologies that will change how we construct and use buildings and their impact on the environment.

Tomorrow’s World is a dedicated exhibition area and product showcase within The BEST Show. It will demonstrate new and emerging technologies that help tackle the biggest challenges facing the built environment – from climate change to regulatory issues, energy conservation to waste minimisation.

It provides a low-cost, high profile opportunity for some of the world’s most innovative companies and inventors. It will also host funding bodies, universities and test houses to showcase emerging concepts and prototypes.

Tomorrow’s World will educate visitors about the innovations of the future, and encourage collaboration between industry and academia to transform tomorrow’s built environment together.

How do you attend this event

Tomorrow’s World is being managed by Mia Sanger. To find out more or to book your place within this exciting and dynamic zone contact Mia by phone 0207 728 4626 or email mia.sanger@emap.com.

Contact for further information

Please see the flyer on the right-hand side of this page for further details. Visit the Built Environment Solutions and Technologies website or contact Mia Sanger for more information by phone 0207 728 4626 or email mia.sanger@emap.com.


Tomorrow’s world flyer (pdf)Floor plan (pdf)

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