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Webinar: Innovating to Net Zero: Storage and Flexibility- 11/06/20


11th June 2020


10:00 – 11:00



The organisers

Energy Systems Catapult.

The event

This webinar is part of the Innovating to Net Zero project by Energy Systems Catapult about certain areas of the sector that are in need of innovation.  It is a follow up to the Digitalisation for Net Zero webinar. Attendees will learn about:
  • The significant role that non-battery electrical storage could have in a Net Zero energy system, and the challenges that need to be addressed before this value can be realised;
  • The benefit conundrum of vehicle-to-grid V’s managed charging;
  • The role for domestic phase change material thermal storage V’s sensible heat storage; and
  • The opportunities and challenges surrounding the exploitation of second-life vehicle batteries compared with new stationary battery storage.
The event will be lead by Dr Daniel Murrant, an analyst within the Networks and Energy Storage team at Energy Systems Catapult.

Booking and further information

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