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Webinar: Smarter and More Flexible European Energy Systems-7/7/20


7th July 2020






Energy System Catapult

The Event

Across Europe, drivers such as EU directives are encouraging member states to move towards reforming their markets. As a result, opportunities are created for UK businesses to capitalise on the need for flexibility as barriers to market entry are removed. To better understand these opportunities and make information more accessible to UK SMEs, we conducted a market study exploring opportunities for demand-side flexibility and wider smart energy systems solutions across 31 European countries. Looking at indicators such as market size and competitiveness, policy and regulation, and flexibility profiles, the study identified six priority markets for smart systems and flexibility business opportunities in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. This new study provides:
  • a high-level overview of each of the 31 European countries allowing businesses to quickly gain an understanding of how relevant the market is to them.
  • in-depth country reports for a selection of countries which were identified as priority markets for UK businesses.
  • business modelling opportunities for Germany, the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsular; where we measured flexibility/smart systems business models against the policy and regulation landscape in addition to infrastructure and consumer trends.
Join us for the webinar, where we will delve into the insights from this study with the report’s author, Ruth Babbington, and representatives from the departments of trade in Lisbon and The Hague.

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