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Webinar: Supporting SMEs on their Net Zero journey (18/11/2021)


18 November 2021


10:00-11:30 am




Coventry & Warwickshire Green Business

The Event

This webinar will illuminate the backdrop against which SMEs are striving to deliver on their sustainability objectives, whilst demonstrating the support available to meet those objectives. Dr Jonathan Radcliffe, Reader in Energy Systems and Policy, University of Birmingham, will provide an overview of how energy technology innovation can impact SME energy performance, within a challenging and evolving policy landscape. The SME guest speaker will give their experience of working successfully with the University’s SME business support programmes to achieve sustainability. Through a range of case studies, attendees will learn how the University of Birmingham and the Green Business programme are helping SMEs to reach their sustainability goals by innovating in energy technologies, materials and adopting advanced manufacturing techniques. Programme 10:00 :Introduction 10:05 :How are energy technologies enabling SMEs to meet the challenge laid down by national and local policy? Speaker: Dr Jonathan Radcliffe, Reader in Energy Systems and Policy, University of Birmingham 10:20: An SME’s Perspective Hear from a business that has benefited from the University of Birmingham’s support in delivering their sustainability goals in identifying waste and cutting costs. Speaker: Shaun Sookoo, CEO, Winny’s Kitchen 10:30: Innovation, development and adoption of zero carbon energy technologies – ATETA Programme 10:40: Transforming waste streams and alternative innovative materials – ARLI Programme 10:50: Improving products and processes. Materials evaluation to support sustainable product and process development – AMCASH Programme Solving manufacturing challenges and adopting advanced manufacturing techniques – AMTECAA Programme 11:00: Breakout session: Intro – Poll, incl Questions for discussion 11:05: Breakout session groups & networking 11:15: Breakout feedback 11:20: Panel Q&A 11:25: Green Business Programme Overview 11:30:Close


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