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West Midlands Process Monitoring Workshop – 31/1/19


31 January 2019




School of Metallurgy & Materials, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT


University of Birmingham

The event

Manufacturing processes and experiments are subject to external and internal processing controls which may play an important role in the relative success of the manufacturing route. Internal processing variables (such as component temperature, tool temperature, speed of deformation and location) and external processing variables (such as environmental temperature, sound / vibrations and moisture) can play an important factor in determining whether a manufacturing route produces a component within tolerance, or whether any defects have been induced during the processing operation. As such, the University of Birmingham is running an ERDF-funded Process Monitoring Workshop for SME businesses, to demonstrate the methods and kit that can be used to monitor components, tooling or the environment during manufacturing. Over the duration of the workshop, you can get hands-on practical experience of the following activities:
  • Using a high-speed camera to analyse a rapid processing / manufacturing route
  • Contactless thermal monitoring (thermal imaging camera and an IR thermometer)
  • Using a thermocouple probe and data-logger
  • Operating laser sensors to determine position and movement through-process
  • Vibration analysis using accelerometers
After the completion of the workshop, 1-to-1 discussions can be held between SMEs and university researchers to scope a further 1 day of support. This additional support is provided as part of the ERDF-funded project, using the process monitoring kit demonstrated or other computational modelling, microscopy or polymer science research kit.

Booking and further information

If you are an SME based in; Greater Birmingham and Solihull, Coventry and Warwickshire, Black Country or the Marches LEP areas, you are eligible to attend this ERDF-funded workshop. For more information and booking, please contact o.j.bellfield@bham.ac.uk or call: 0121 414 3436.

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