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Wider benefits of climate action – building a stronger case for sustainability in city regions 10/10/18


10 October 2018


10:00 – 15:30 then networking


The Old Library, Gibb Square, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AA



The event

The challenges facing city region metro mayors include solving the housing crisis, cleaning up polluted air, creating jobs and economic prosperity and providing improved quality of life for their residents. With limited terms of office, they need to demonstrate progress fast. Sustainable approaches to tackling these challenges have a raft of wider, lasting benefits for city regions. For example, sustainable transport can enable improved health outcomes, better air quality and greater access to employment. Energy efficiency retrofit of homes also offers health benefits, as well as improved equity in housing quality. If the wider benefits of sustainable approaches are better articulated, they can be more firmly woven in to the case for action, aligning low carbon efforts with the priorities of decision makers. This also facilitates access to less obvious funding streams. But how best to achieve this? Join us for a one-day event that will take an innovative approach to identifying and exploring the wider benefits of low carbon approaches, using composite characters based on real people in Birmingham and their lived experience. The day will be led by award winning playwright Sarah Woods. It will have a lot to offer participants, who will include representatives of the West Midlands Combined Authority, local authorities, health sector, Ashden winners, community groups, and national policy organisations. Why attend?
  • Understand why low carbon matters – for those working in other sectors, e.g. public health, the event will be an opportunity to understand how low carbon activities and advocating for them can bolster efforts to achieve your objectives
  • Weaving low carbon in – for those working on sustainability, it will be an opportunity to identify and explore the wider benefits of low carbon action, strengthening the case you can make for it to decision makers in the city region
  • Innovative communication – this event’s unique use of dramatisation will help unlock the power of stories and the ways in which you can reflect all facets of what low carbon action offers, better aligning it with the priorities of decision makers
  • Engagement ideas – understanding the ways in which low carbon can improve quality of life in a city region will be means of reaching out to and including wider sections of the community and civil society in your efforts

Booking and further information

Please contact Faye Scott at faye.scott@ashden.org  or 07932 845 330.

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