Committed to a better future – Funding Opportunity

The Cadent Foundation has been established to make a positive and lasting difference to local communities and the wider society within Cadent’s network. That’s why, over the next 5 years they will be awarding £20+ million of grants to charities and community groups to support projects that make a real difference. Applications are open from March 23 to May 31 Their aim to make a positive impact by providing support to people living in vulnerable situations and energy poor communities, to work to protect and preserve our natural environment and create a sustainable energy future. The Cadent Foundation is administered by Charities Trust (Charity Registration No: 327489) who work with them to manage the grant giving and ensure that all funds donated by the foundation are only used to further charitable purposes for the public benefit.  This process applies to all grant and partnership applications. Projects through partnerships:

  • Research and Innovation (R&I) –  Projects that help eliminate harmful emissions and support sustainable energy

R&I grants will only be made through partnerships, contact: with details of your project. Projects through online grant applications:

  • People – Projects that help alleviate suffering and hardship of people in vulnerable situations
  • Environment – Projects that will help protect and preserve the environment
  • Communities –  Projects that provide a better and healthier community to live in and use

Grants can be applied for up to £100,000 by UK charities or groups with charitable purposes. For more information, click here.

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