Earth Stories Grant Scheme – Apply by 08/03/2021

As part of the Naturally Birmingham Future Parks Accelerator programme, bvsc want the residents of Birmingham to tell them what their hopes and dreams are for these green spaces of the City so they can make sure they meet the needs of our diverse population. They want to hear people’s stories – and importantly, they want to hear from a diverse group of people who live and/ or work Birmingham. Therefore, they are putting forward an opportunity for community groups and organisations to help us reach this ambition. They want to target those groups we often struggle to hear from about parks and green spaces. These include:

  • Particular ethnic groups (from Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Arab, Chinese, Eastern European (inc Polish community and Roma Gypsy communities), Black African – Caribbean descent)
  • the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) community
  • Young people (under the age of 16)
  • People with disabilities (mental and physical)
  • Faith groups (Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist)
  • How will your project be implemented?

They will pay an organisation or community group £500 for gathering stories from 25 people who fit these particular groups. You must have a group bank account to receive payment.

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