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Sub-metering monitoring systems are a cost-effective way for Staffordshire businesses to manage and reduce their energy use.

Sub-metering monitoring use a combination of hardware and software to collect and analyse data about energy performance. This data can then be used to help businesses save energy and cut costs. A well-planned sub-metering monitoring system can save your business energy and money up to 15%.

SBEN (Staffordshire Business Environment Network) through Staffordshire County Council is providing businesses with sub-metering monitoring grants of up to £5000 (50% match funded) towards:

  • Site visit to undertake Energy efficiency review
  • Analysis of annual energy consumption data/ Half Hourly data
  • Temporary installation of 20/30 sub-meters at site
  • An outcome report will be provided with recommendations for energy savings opportunities which includes, equipment upgrades, replacements etc.


  • Business should have premises located in the Staffordshire area
  • Annual Energy Consumption of more than 150,000KWh

Sub-metering funding for Pym & Wildsmith provided them with energy efficiency recommendations which will save them 13 tCO2e and £11,475 annually.

Stephen Alcock, EHSE Manager at PYM Wildsmith said,

“The funding provided valuable information regarding equipment use and power loadings, both daily and weekly. The data presented will become a valuable part of our costings process in relation to energy used. We have contacted our compressor supplier who will be able to ‘tweak’ the on and off load parameters on our compressors to reduce our electricity usage and the wear and tear of compressor.”

Contact SBEN at or call on +447890600427

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