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At Achaleon, they help innovative small businesses, particularly those involved in technology or advanced engineering, to cut through the complexity of their products and services and deliver marketing messages that are clear, persuasive and expressed in terms that their customers can really relate to.
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They develop marketing strategies that are centred around customers rather than products; and they create marketing communications that are easy to understand without glossing over the technological advantages.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“I have been working with clients in the technology and engineering sector for two decades, but it is only within the last few years that I have recognised the opportunities to act on my deep-felt concerns about environmental issues and work more with people who are achieving technical innovations that are driving sustainability.

“I love working with technology and engineering but am well aware that the output of our sector often causes as much damage as it provides solutions. Sustainability is a large and complex area and I want to understand the challenges and opportunities better, so I can provide the best support to clients in this space.

“I would like to work with more sustainability-focused technology companies and also to introduce my existing clients to people who can help them with their own journey to sustainability.”

Our primary contact is Philip Jones, Director.