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Cambridge Professional Development Ltd (CamProf)

CamProf is a small international consultancy since 1994, working globally with expertise in:
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1. COMPETENCES & OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS: their development, uptake and uses (especially professional, technical & managerial), competence frameworks, databases, essential/employability skills

2. ADULT LEARNING & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: learning through experience, initial formation, continuing professional development, apprenticeship, learning design, e-learning, mentoring, careers counselling, learning organisations

3. ASSESSMENT: of competencies (including attitudes and values), recognition of prior learning, portfolios of evidence, assessor competencies, quality assurance

4. ACCREDITATION: qualifications, ‘open badges’, qualification frameworks, regulation of occupations/professions, foreign credential recognition, credit accumulation & transfer, quality assurance

5. INTERNATIONAL & INTERCULTURAL ASPECTS: diversity & inclusion, recruitment, selection, aptitude testing, alternative careers, refugees, immigrants, mobility, international project design, international project management

6. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: project design, project management, quality assurance, sustainability, dissemination, finding suitable partners, design /organize /facilitate meetings, report writing

7. ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT: international development projects, international networks, strategy, programme evaluation, feasibility studies, strategic review, labour market information

8. DATA COLLECTION: secondary research, international bench-marking, e-survey design, qualitative and quantitative analysis, face-to-face and virtual focus group facilitation, data presentation

CamProf has a long track record of developing occupational standards of competence in UK and internationally. They have a daughter company in Canada.


– a global scan of ‘clean/green tech’ initiatives to inform new course development for the University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College in Canada.

– preparing a global competency framework for humanitarian logistics for the International Federation of the Red Cross/Crescent.

– preparing a global competency framework for primary healthcare workers in sexual & reproductive health and rights for the World Health Organization.

– instigating an (unsuccessful) project proposal for EU Horizon 2020 funding, to create occupational standards of competence for green occupations and a new ‘green’ key competence for use in education and lifelong learning. The bid was led by a university in Germany, with partners in Finland, Estonia, Spain, Slovenia, Romania (mostly assembled by CamProf). In UK both CamProf (expertise occupational standards) and Acocks Greener (‘living lab’) were partners.


– more than 30 EU projects as contractor, project manager or UK partner

– APL-Bud development of a system for accreditation of prior learning for the Polish construction sector, which included pilots for Polish construction workers in Poland, UK, Germany.

– a report for UK CITB on the skills impact of modern methods of construction (off-site).

– occupational standards for the not-for-profit sector in British Columbia (Canada).

– the Open Badge Network EU project on micro credentials.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“We would like to apply our expertise and contacts to this crucial sector, which needs to develop its skills, training, qualifications, numbers and impact at pace – not only locally, but nationally and globally – to achieve Net Zero.”

Our primary contact is Nigel Lloyd, Principal.