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Climate Change Solutions Ltd

Climate Change Solutions was set up to encourage and facilitate the move to a low carbon future. They achieve this through developing and supporting partnerships and networks.

Climate Change Solutions Ltd is a small, not for profit, organisation with a long track record of making a modest contribution to promoting sustainable local and global climate change solutions.

Climate Change Solutions runs some brilliant events each year, especially around hydrogen fuel cells, and we recommend attending one of them when you get the chance!

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“We seek to¬†generate¬†and/or support initiatives and projects contributing towards achieving a low carbon economy and clean technology future, such as our international hydrogen and fuel cell work. We aim to develop broad-based public, private and community partnerships, networks and synergies to maximise effective results.

“We are delighted to support SWM in their vision for the West Midlands of a sustainable and socially just community.”

Our primary contact is Tony McNally, Managing Director.