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ClimateEQ Ltd

ClimateEQ’s mission is to mobilise and enable the Music, Entertainment, Creative, Sports, Live Events and SME sectors to move towards a net zero future, by supporting them to make actual carbon reductions through the delivery of their accredited Carbon Literacy training courses.
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They make the challenges of actual carbon reductions in your business an easy to follow and simple process. Identifying the carbon hotspots within your business, signposting eco alternatives for energy, fuel, transport, materials and product design etc, to enable organisations to execute their Net Zero plans and pledges through a realistic roadmap.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“As certified Carbon Literacy Trainers, we feel the Carbon Literacy framework enables the quick spread of information and influence through businesses and organisations, to enable a rapid plan for making actual carbon reductions, Carbon Literacy has recently reached the milestone of 50,000 certified learners, who have all made individual and group pledges to reduce their carbon emissions, so far totalling a 184,000 tCO2e and counting. We feel that the SWM members and businesses in the West Midlands area would benefit from our training and approach, and as such is why we would like to become a member.”

Our primary contact is Anthony Daly, Director.