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Cognition Cloud

Cognition Cloud is an IT service company and consultancy that applies circular economy principles to reduce waste from and add value to IT.
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For non-manufacturing organisations, IT accounts for around 20% of scope 3 emissions. Cognition Cloud can help to quantify the embedded Greenhouse Gas Emissions in your computers and give you a plan to reduce them to align with your overall Net Zero strategy. They can also cut the amount of power you use for IT, reducing cost as well as scope 2 emissions.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“Cognition Cloud is on a mission to make IT more sustainable.

“We live in a world of limited resources. There is currently not enough awareness around the amount of energy, water, metals, minerals and other resources that go into producing computers and mobile devices. The human cost can include forced labour and child labour.

“Through membership of Sustainability West Midlands we want to raise awareness of the benefits of ‘circular IT’ to help combat climate change, reduce waste, whilst delivering more secure and flexible computing solutions. “

Our primary contact is David Abosch, Co-Founder.