Contented Ltd


Driving success through advanced sustainability

Tailored support for business leaders to drive ESG and impact for strategic advantage.

Even when your business is making good progress, defining, measuring and improving your sustainability, it seems there are still endless challenges and opportunities to do more.

“At Contented, with more than a century’s combined experience helping clients to transition, we support business leaders through the short-term need for compliance and certification, to take sustainability to the next level and turn it into a source of competitive advantage, resilience and transformation. We deliver tailored programmes of support to benchmark you against others in your sector; develop measurable sustainability goals and plans for delivering them; and work with your people to share the vision, shift the culture and work together to achieve and communicate successes. We are also experienced at working with our clients’ supply chain partners, often internationally, to audit their position, support them through change and report back to you with meaningful metrics.”

Contented joined SWM in 2018 to expand their outreach in the West Midlands, a region they advocate as a hub for low carbon innovation. Our contact is Gerard Davies – – +44 121 8181 823