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Disability Arts in Shropshire (DASH)

DASH is a Disabled led visual arts charity. It creates opportunities for Disabled artists to develop their creative practice.
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These opportunities take many forms, from high quality commissions to community based workshops, the work it creates is centred around its vision and mission.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“As a Disability arts organisation working with Disabled people, DASH is aware that environmental changes like climate change are already affecting people’s lives – and especially disabled people’s lives – across the world.

We have a duty to our own and future generations to ensure that our organisation’s negative impact on the environment is as small is possible, and that we contribute whatever we can to reducing environmental harm.

We are committed to understanding, measuring, improving and communicating our environmental performance, and engaging our management and staff in this process.”

Our primary contact is Paula Dower, Operations Director.