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Footsteps – Faiths for a Low Carbon Future

Footsteps – Faiths for a Low Carbon Future brings together faith groups in Birmingham to respond to the challenge of moving to a low carbon future.

Many faith communities are taking their own actions to help the environment. Footsteps provides opportunities to also come together and work towards their common goal.

Footsteps organises interfaith and multi-faith events to explore responses to the high carbon present, and take action towards a low carbon future. Footsteps is responding to the challenge presented by the 2015 Lambeth Declaration signed by leaders from all the main faith groups in Britain. The Declaration called on faith groups to recognise the urgency of the tasks involved in making the transition to a low carbon economy.

During its first year, Footsteps organised a Walk of Witness and Interfaith Gathering on the eve of the 2015 Paris Climate Summit, a conference with leading Christian, Muslim and Sikh environmental speakers, a 5-day interfaith environmental ‘Small Footsteps’ summer school for young people, an interfaith summer walk and a ‘Tread Lightly’ event about the practical steps faiths can take together.

Footsteps has been a SWM member since 2016 and we very much admire their work and activities, providing outreach and messages on climate change to a diverse audience.

Our contact at Footsteps is Chris Martin, Secretary.