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Green Shropshire Xchange

Green Shropshire Xchange (GSX) operates as a hub for all those concerned with a sustainable, environmentally friendly Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.

It is a free membership organisation attracting groups, businesses and individuals from the two unitary authorities above united by this common goal and do this by sharing best practice, showcasing our members’ projects and successes and providing information and advice. They organise talks and events around the area to stimulate greater environmental action.

GSX is a Forum Member on Shropshire Voluntary Community Sector Assembly for ‘the Community of the Environment’ and has regular two- way exchanges on critical sustainability issues with Shropshire Council’s Chief Executive Officer.

During 2013 and again in 2015 GSX has procured funding to provide seed-corn grants for their members to fund new environmental initiatives. New projects have included waste reduction schemes,  community energy advice to households, launch of a county-wide swift conservation group and setting up a community heating system. GSX has also worked with Ludlow 21, a member in South Shropshire, to develop a 2016 Energy Week promoting visits to local renewable energy projects (hydro, solar and biomass) and providing seminars and drop-in sessions on home energy efficiency.

SWM strongly supports GSX’s activities and recognises the importance of their work especially in the hard-to-reach rural areas of our region. They have been SWM members for several years.

Our contacts at Green Shropshire Xchange are David Currant, Chairman and Tony Green, Chair of Trustees.