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HEADS Renewables Limited

HEADS Renewables specialise in wind & solar hybrid energy production systems, developed on a modular/expandable basis, which means they are able to offer systems that are suitable for single person dwellings, right through to commercial properties.
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They have decades of experience in sourcing and developing solar, wind & battery technologies – specifically for the UK climate, enabling us to offer systems that are low-cost and fit for the UK market. Their systems can be used in both new-build and retro-fit applications and have been independently tested by one of the worlds leading manufacturing consultants for both efficacy & structural reliability.

They are a commercial organisation with a social purpose; their overarching policy is to support the people by addressing fuel poverty and support the planet through carbon reduction.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“Our business has been set up specifically to support providers of social & local authority housing, in tackling fuel poverty and addressing carbon reduction requirements.

“The energy and subsequent fuel poverty crisis has reached critical levels and is only likely to worsen, so our aim is to engage with like-minded organisations in hope of raising awareness of our systems and their benefits.”

Our primary contact is Daniel Marland, Head of Business Development.