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Hemiko Limited

Hemiko Limited work with local authorities and property developers to reduce costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions. Working with Pinnacle Power to design, build, operate and finance district energy networks for communities.
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Once a district energy network is operational, Hemiko remain an active partner throughout its lifetime working with their clients to unlock further value and enhance its operation for the benefit of all.

Working with Pinnacle Power, a district energy network, creates benefits from their commitments:

Network design:

Hemiko’s expertise is independent of any specific technology enabling them to find opportunities to create the ideal network for every community rather than forcing a specific solution.


Engineering excellence delivers a lower cost of ownership, reduced maintenance and more dependable energy supply with greater resilience and minimal downtime.


Hemiko are not just focused on low carbon, but are working towards zero carbon. By incorporating flexibility into the design, they can ensure that each network built is as future-proofed as possible and positioned to take advantage of changes in technology or regulations.

Operational support:

As focused as they are on engineering excellence, Hemiko understands that this is only part of the solution. They help set up billing platforms, customer service portals, legal frameworks and any other service that is needed to enable clients to support their customers more effectively.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“We have recently partnered with DIF Capital Partners. This partnership brings pace and scale to the delivery of a low-carbon heating offer for homes in towns and cities across the UK. The partnership represents one of the largest investments in heat infrastructure in the UK and will provide a much-needed stimulus to a burgeoning sector, with £1bn worth of heat networks set to be built. These projects will play a crucial role in decarbonising the UK’s heating.

The West Midlands is a big focus for us as there is surplus waste heat in many dense areas and the key to making low-carbon heat accessible and affordable, is to scale this and our investment skills can do that.”

Our primary contact is Rhea Marsden, Senior Business Development Manager.