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Koru Consulting Ltd

Koru believes that governments will facilitate the road to net zero by investing in infrastructure, education and leadership. However, it will be individuals in their role as employees, volunteers and/or representing themselves that will effect the success of the journey.
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Koru sees its role as engaging all organisations, but primarily individuals and communities and providing them with the information and tools they will need to achieve their goals. Koru’s portfolio of services is built around accelerating progress to net zero and reducing the chances of carbon reducing projects failing. At the heart of the portfolio is engagement and they achieve this through:

  • KlimateKonnect™ is Koru’s investment in Climate Change. It provides a networking service for problem solving, a curated directory of climate change material irrespective of where it resides, insights and guidance and support for individuals and communities. It is free for everyone and Koru encourages people to provide content to help others. Get involved now.
  • Inta-Activ Expo™ is an interactive virtual exhibition, ideal for showing climate plans and progress towards achieving them. In the context of exhibitions it is a really inexpensive way of keeping your public up to date, and eliciting their comments and ideas to help their customers get to net zero. See a demonstration here.
  • Public and digital engagement: Koru has spent the last five years in this domain and has built a skills, knowledge experience and partner base to help their customers get the optimum response from their audiences. Climate change needs wide ranging and engagement, advocacy and involvement if we are to achieve our net zero targets. See digital examples from Koru’s partner here and here.
  • Axiom Sustainability: The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Framework is a new regulation introduced in the UK that requires LLPs, Quoted and Unquoted companies to disclose their energy and carbon emissions. Fully compliant with the SECR framework – AXIOM provides complete visibility, access and control over all the data you need for quick, easy reporting. AXIOM makes things simple – in a complete SECR platform that helps you drive carbon reduction and ensures you stay compliant. Improving sustainability doesn’t end with your own operations – it means looking at the complete supply chain. Measure Scope 3 emissions, estimate the carbon footprint of your suppliers and make reporting easy with Axiom. Axiom automatically transforms all your supplier spend data into emissions data. Learn more.

If you require further information, contact one of the Koru Team: