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Larato Ltd

Larato is a technology and business growth specialist with 20 years of experience. They have a passion for helping businesses buy and consume technology better. This passion has led them to creating the ‘Making a Difference’ initiative, a free partner-matching system connecting small businesses with local technology resellers capable of meeting their needs.
Larato Ltd

The process is straightforward: both SMEs and local technology experts complete a registration form. The SME form requires them to select the technology challenges they are facing, while the form for resellers asks them to indicate the types of technology challenges they can solve. Larato then uses this information to match SMEs with local experts who can help them overcome challenges and achieve growth.

Larato contributes to the region’s overall preparedness and resilience in the face of technological transitions, ensuring that businesses can adapt smoothly while minimizing potential negative impacts. Through their efforts, Larato actively supports the overarching vision of a sustainable, fair, and greener West Midlands.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“Joining Sustainability West Midlands aligns seamlessly with Larato’s commitment to making a positive impact on local communities. By becoming a member, we aim to contribute to and benefit from the vibrant network that SWM has cultivated in the West Midlands region.

Larato’s ‘Making a Difference’ initiative not only facilitates partnerships. The initiative is designed to empower small businesses by connecting them with local technology experts who can address their specific challenges. By becoming a part of SWM, Larato aims to extend this support to a wider audience and leverage the existing network to reach more SMEs in need of technological solutions for sustainable growth.

Larato recognizes the importance of knowledge exchange in driving sustainability initiatives. As a member of SWM, we look forward to actively participating in events, presentations, and knowledge-sharing sessions, contributing our expertise in technology solutions that align with the sustainability goals outlined in SWM’s Roadmap to 2030. Sustainability is a collective effort, and Larato believes in the power of community. Joining SWM provides an opportunity for Larato to engage with fellow members, fostering connections, and building a collaborative community.”

Our primary contact is Jewel Hermonstine, Senior Consultant.