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Lichfield District Council

Lichfield District Council is a local authority in Staffordshire.
Lichfield District Council logo

“We believe that Lichfield District Council is a special place to work. We are one of the largest employers in Lichfield District, and we care about our residents and the sustainability of our District. Our upcoming strategic plan Lichfield District 2050 is being written after consultation with our staff, residents, members and key stakeholders. It’s an exciting time as we are rapidly evolving and we encourage our people to develop new and innovative ways of delivering services.”

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“Lichfield District Council has a lot going on in a small district. With an interesting mix of both urban and rural landscape, development in Lichfield is abundant. Like many organisations, the council welcomes support and advice, learning and sharing best practice amongst peers and partners to achieve a sustainable future.”

Our primary contact is Kristie Charlesworth, Ecology and Climate Change Manager.