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Modus Food Waste Recycling

A food waste collection company, Modus Food Waste Recycling focuses on redistributing as much edible food as possible. Then, they convert food waste into energy to power towns and cities.
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Their mission is to promote sustainability in the West Midlands, to become a more eco-friendly workplace environment across all sectors, for all future generations.

Modus Food Waste Recycling is dedicated to food waste recycling. They want to see less food being wasted and more edible food feeding the people who need it, before it becomes waste.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“Our goal is to be in a network of like-minded individuals and organisations, where we can share, inspire and collaborate. All working towards the end goal of making the West Midlands a more sustainable region. With the view as a member of SWM, we can work together as a group to ensure that we are providing considerable value to the organisations and companies we are connected with.”

Our primary contact is Oliver Llyod, Director.