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National Express West Midlands

National Express West Midlands carries nearly a million people, employs over 6,500 people in 10 depots across the West Midlands and operate 1,600 buses.

National Express is proud to be a Living Wage Foundation-accredited employer and is the biggest private employer in the West Midlands to be so.

Since 2015, National Express have been buying buses with the cleanest diesel engine available (EuroVI) and have recently ended this in favour of buying zero-emission vehicles. 19 fully electric double-deckers started going out in service on Sunday 5th July 2020 on routes between Birmingham and Solihull. 10 more electrics are arriving to their Coventry depot, where they will go out in service this autumn. They have publicly pledged that their entire bus fleet will be zero-emission by 2030.

National Express Bus’ vision is:

“National Express Bus is committed to support and serve the people, businesses and organisations of the West Midlands with sustainable travel solutions; hence they are very proud to share and support the visions of SWM.”

When asked about what National Express Bus will provide to SWM they replied:

“National Express West Midlands could provide transport solutions to events etc on request, by way of tickets or vehicles. We are happy to contribute the data that we submit to Transport for West Midlands to research projects if useful. National Express West Midlands will consider any requests for data that is not commercially sensitive. We are very interested in research about modal shift and behaviour change and have some examples to share of where that has proved successful. We can also provide speakers for events and introductions. National Express West Midlands is part of all three Chambers of Commerce and the West Midlands Bus Alliance.”

Our primary contact Richard Cawton, Business Development Manager.