Oxfordshire Greentech

Oxfordshire Greentech is the business network for the low-carbon economy in Oxfordshire, which aim to cross-pollinate ideas with Sustainability West Midlands. They bring together businesses and organisations to encourage innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer, to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable, low carbon future in Oxfordshire and the world. They provide:
  • Events: frequent, high-calibre events with experts across various low-carbon business topics
  • Networking: meet, network and do business with Greentech entrepreneurs, companies and innovators at events with knowledge-transfer at their heart.
  • Business Support: bespoke business support for companies that place sustainability at the heart of their work.

Oxfordshire Greentech’s aims are as stated:
  • Create jobs and economic growth by promoting Oxfordshire as a centre for low-carbon solutions.
  • Support local organisations to develop services and products that enable low-carbon, resilient lifestyles.
  • Facilitate cross-sector collaborations through a forum for innovation and partnership-working.
  • Provide a platform for our members to showcase how they are creating a low-carbon, sustainable world.
Location: Oxfordshire To contact: Lewis Knight (Programme Manager)