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Rennie Consulting

Sarah Rennie is an experienced accessibility and inclusion specialist, trainer and a non-practising solicitor.
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She specialises in public transport, with a particular focus on the railway. Sarah and her team support many train operators with their disability equality training programmes. She is also a member of Transport for London’s Independent Disability Advisory Group and chairs Transreport’s accessibility panel.

Recently Sarah was part of the Legacy & Benefits Committee for the Commonwealth Games 2022 and chaired the Accessibility Advisory Forum. Currently she is a member of the West Midlands Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board which supports the sector’s role in creating a dynamic and diverse place to live, work and visit. Sarah is also a governor of PET-Xi Training and the National Centre for Accessible Transport.

On her membership with SWM, she says:

“An environmental and sustainability agenda which isn’t inclusive is pointless. From active travel to water use, initiatives must be accessible to everyone and prepare for the changing needs of the widest community of people. I bring this ethos to my access and inclusion consultancy work everyday – it’s in my client’s interests even if they don’t realise it!”

Our primary contact is Sarah Rennie, Director.