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Skilled Mapping Ltd

Cut Heat Loss a service provided by Skilled Mapping Ltd. It is leading a transformative initiative to redefine detecting and improving heat loss in UK homes.
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At the core of Cut Heat Loss’ strategy is an unmatched and extensive dataset, comprising thermal images of 600,000 UK homes across various demographics compiled towards the end of 2023 and 2024. This unique dataset is unparalleled in the sector, offering an unmatched level of detail and scope in UK residential thermal data.

Cut Heat Loss is set to employ advanced AI algorithms to process this extensive dataset. The aim is to pinpoint specific areas of heat loss in homes and provide customised retrofit recommendations.

They believe that not only can they help homeowners see heat loss in their homes, but that they can also let their dataset, along with other datasets in the West Midlands, become a part of the solution in monitoring resource efficiency. This is something that the Cut Heat Loss team will be looking at more over the next 12 months.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“Our interest in joining SWM stems from our commitment to leveraging data for regional and global sustainability. Our goal is to not only improve and market our product but also ensure that our data makes a meaningful impact. We are increasingly focused on analysing and processing more data, including image analysis, and enhancing our engagement with customers. This process generates valuable insights that we believe are crucial for the industry. By being part of SWM, we hope to share these insights and collaborate on research to validate our findings.

We see ourselves as a vital piece of the sustainability puzzle in the West Midlands, potentially elevating the region to global significance in the reduction of heat waste in homes. We look forward to the opportunity to add value to SWM’s network through our data-driven approach and collaborative spirit.”

Our primary contact is Alex Wrigglesworth, Director.