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The Energy Consortium Ltd

The Energy Consortium is a member owned not-for-profit public buying organisation, with a focus on the education sector.
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They are committed to supporting their members, effectively managing their energy estate assets from the perspective of cost, consumption, and carbon. Their Mission is to champion the interests of the education sector by delivering cost-reduction and sustainable energy solutions for their members.

They have a vision to see the UK Education Sector at the forefront of global energy challenges, leading collaboration, and harnessing expertise to achieve a secure and sustainable energy future.

By making strong contractual links between producers and users of renewable energy in the education sector, they can help speed the reduction in Scope 2 emissions from electricity use. Through this, and by sharing and supporting good practice through their suite of additional services, they aim to encourage the use of renewable energy and to help reduce energy waste, in the West Midlands and beyond.

Though West Midlands based, The Energy Consortium collaborate with institutions and organisations across the UK to reduce carbon emissions.

They establish public sector supply contracts that will lead to new-to-earth renewable energy installations, while also focusing on cost effective buying, conservation, efficiency, and market information. They also facilitate the sharing of best practices among their members through regional and national meetings, as well as other networking channels.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“We recognise that in pursuing our strategic objectives, we have a responsibility towards the planet, and should aim to protect and nurture the environment we depend on. To that end, we are working to promote the sustainable use of resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices in all our activities. We seek to assist our membership by helping others to improve access to sources of renewable energy, sharing good practice on efficiency and conservation and assisting in the reduction on reliance to fossil fuels.

Through our membership with Sustainability West Midlands, we are looking forward to working with a wide community of professionals within and beyond the Education Sector. This will help us to improve the usefulness, rigour and effectiveness of our offer, to grow our own expertise and to share sustainability best practice as it evolves.”

Our primary contact is John Brenton, Head of Carbon Reduction.