Thermal Recycling

Thermal Recycling is a Wolverhampton-based Asbestos-disposal company, aiming to responsibly dispose of the hazardous material by denaturing it and recycling it. One of the principles of their operations is that it costs no more than landfill disposal. Using the latest developments in thermal technology, energy consumption in this process is kept to a minimum. Thermal Recycling are looking to obtain an “end of waste” confirmation from the Environment Agency, to give assurance that the product is 100% safe and reusable. “We are based in the West Midlands.  We hope to become a global business which transforms the way in which asbestos is disposed of.  We have developed what we believe to be the world’s first commercially viable way of transforming asbestos into an aggregate.  We are currently building a demonstration plant in Wolverhampton and we need the support of the public and private sector in the region so that we can open a full scale plant as soon as possible.” Sustainability West Midlands are delighted to welcome Thermal Recycling as members and wish them well in their ambitions to grow and gain accreditation for their product to make best use of an often unsalvageable product. Our contact in Thermal Recycling is Graham Gould, Chairman.