Voi Technology UK

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Voi Technology UK is Europe’s leaders in micromobility. Voi provide e-scooters for several towns and cities across Europe. They are focussed on building a sustainable mobility business and share similar values and targets with SWM. This includes the shared objectives of improving social, economic and environmental indicators across the West Midlands for a more sustainable, fairer and greener region for all, as stated in our Roadmap to 2030. They have formed a partnership with SWM for several reasons, including that Voi will be investing up to £5 million in 5 exciting new projects to design, develop and mass-produce the next generation of micromobility technology in the West Midlands.
  • Project 1: Development of long life and highly recyclable battery technology for the next generation of micromobility and electric mobility vehicles
  • Project 2: Design, prototyping and testing of a sustainable e-scooter that is capable of achieving + 5 year lifespan and includes high recycled material content
  • Project 3: Building a sustainable manufacturing process and reducing manufacturing carbon footprint to zero
  • Project 4: Pavement riding detection system to end illegal riding
  • Project 5: Drunk rider prevention system to end riding whilst over the legal limit
Voi has proposed starting the initiative in the last quarter of 2020, working in partnership with partner organisations, across education (e.g. University of Birmingham / Aston University), industrial partners (e.g. The UK Battery Industrialisation Centre), and key facilitator partners (SWM /The Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands / Make UK). Voi’s visions is: “Our mission is to provide sustainable and inclusive last-mile mobility solutions, enabling people to move freely while at the same time helping cities reach their 2030 climate goals.”.