Winning Moves Limited

Winning Moves are an organisation based in Birmingham with Sustainability at the heart of their ethos and values. Working with members, they aim to help drive their area within the region and beyond. Working on a range of topics and areas their three main focuses are; Research and Evaluation, Business Support and Digital Products. Looking at Research and Evaluation, Winning Moves  inform thinking and support decision making by designing and delivering robust and insightful research and evaluation. Through their work, they help a wide range of organisations gather, synthesise and make sense of evidence to make better policies, programmes, regulations and other interventions. Some of their research and evaluation work has been conducted under the trading name of ‘Databuild’, which Winning Moves aquired in 2016. As well as this they  develop their own fully customisable benchmarking, diagnostic and assessment tools that significantly improve performance – at an economic, intermediary and business level. Our commercial focus, strategic thinking and use of technology considerably impacts the way our clients work, helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to identify and exploit opportunities to transform their performance. Being experts in developing and delivering sustainable business support and technology solutions, they are able to empower business, drive growth and achieve better outcomes. Working with Sustainability West Midlands, Winning Moves, as well as explore further areas for involvement, are keen to demonstrate their commitments to;
  • Undertaking projects that help to reduce waste and improve the environment
  • Encouraging their staff to behave and work using sustainable approaches and practices
  • Collaborate on tender opportunities to deliver activities that aim to further sustainability action
  • Develop and deliver diagnostic tools to help organisations and individuals to understand their performance, identify best practice, create improvement plans and commit to a journey of improvement
  • Research and evaluation to increase knowledge and generate insights about sustainability
  We are very excited to have Winning Moves as a member of SWM, as we know first hand the amazing work they do and the benefit and difference it can make to an organisation that is looking to not only become more sustainable, but also improve their productivity. Our main contact at Winning Moves in Michelle Hollier, Director of Research & Evaluation.