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Wylde Connections specialises in helping companies large and small with the development and implementation of their sustainability strategies. We achieve this through a unique blend of consultancy, learning and communications.

Our range of services are designed to help businesses STRIVE to Thrive by being Sustainable, Transformative, Resilient, Innovative, Visionary and Ethical.  Our consultancy services start at five days, often with funding support available, and can last several months depending on our business requirements. We have a range of online courses and training workshops to help upskill you and your teams. Our team of communications experts can help with the planning and delivery of campaigns for both internal and external audiences.

No matter where our clients are on their journey to integrating sustainability into their business operations, we have a solution, using our four-step model of Assess, Develop, Implement, Communicate.

For more information, you can arrange a Discovery Call with one of our sustainability practitioners.  www.wyldeconnections.co.uk/book

 Key contacts are: Dr Denise Taylor, PIEMA and Charlotte Taylor.


Tel: 01926 754061