West Midlands Climate Resilience Network


The West Midlands Climate Resilience Network (WMCREN) is a cross-sector network aimed at providing advice, guidance, good practice ideas, networking and collaboration opportunities to those people in our region whose day job involves risk management, emergency planning/response or climate change adaptation.  It specifically focuses on how we can prepare our region for a changing climate, based on the likelihood of an increase in fluvial and pluvial flooding, heatwaves and storms and a continuation of impacts from strong winds and cold weather.

These conditions can affect:

  • Business profitability, if periods of operation are lost due to downtime.
  • Business reputation, if they cannot operate in difficult conditions.
  • Infrastructure, in terms of damage to buildings and disruption to the transport network.
  • The vulnerability of our communities containing disadvantaged people.
  • The health of our residents, due to stress, exacerbation of physical health issues, etc.
  • The need to fork out costs to tackle flooding problems or damage caused by extreme conditions.
  • Service delivery, especially in local authorities.
  • The natural environment, in terms of ecological stress.
  • Agriculture, in terms of reduced crop yields and flooding of land etc.

With climate change, these sorts of impacts are set to happen more often and to a greater extent if we do nothing.

Why run this network?

Launched: Thursday 28 January 2016

Through the running of WMCREN, we aim to help organisations tackle these issues and learn from others that have been affected.  Like all of our networks, we aim to instill partnership working by bringing together a cross-sector of organisations to share good practice on how to become more resilient.  We will do this by providing the network with key updates, running events, levering in funding and sharing new legislation.  This will fall in line with the current themes of the National Adaptation Programme (NAP) (2013) and UK Climate Change Risk Assessment v2 (2017).  We will feed into the re-iteration of the NAP, due in 2018.


Anyone from any sector with a role not limited to the following is welcome to join this Network:

  • Sustainability/adaptation officers
  • Emergency planners / risk managers
  • Emergency responders and Local Resilience Forum representatives
  • Flood risk managers
  • Community engagement and/or vulnerability / disaster management experts

Although our outreach will largely focus on the West Midlands, we welcome national bodies or those outside the West Midlands region joining the network if it is appropriate for their role – and appreciate that most events we run will take place in or around Birmingham!

Chair of the Network

We are delighted that Paul Fisher, University of Birmingham and SWM Board member, has taken up the role of Chair for this network.  Paul is an expert in public health but also in climate resilience and works closely with SWM on a number of projects.  Find out more about Paul here.

Interested in joining?

If you’d like to join this exciting network, please contact enquiries@swm.org.uk or call 0121 237 5890.

Also, please have a browse through our Events and News pages for any information and workshops coming up around climate adaptation, and do interrogate our Resources page to find any adaptation related resources from SWM or elsewhere, including events we have previously run focusing on resilience.  For each of these, you can filter results using the ‘adaptation’ tag.  You can also find an archive related to older adaptation events here.

Interested in sponsoring?

Download our network sponsorship offer.

We have many sponsorship opportunities for organisations to help them raise their profile and become an integral part of the running of this Network.  This could include sponsorship of an individual event or the Network as a whole.  If this is of interest, please contact enquiries@swm.org.uk or 0121 237 5890 initially and check out the flyer above.

We also provide tailored support on building climate resilience, including around business resilience, community resilience and helping develop climate adaptation plans and risk assessments; get in touch for more information.

Key Resources and Tools

UK Climate Risk Assessment 2017
National Adaptation Programme 2018
UK Climate Projections 2018

Climate Just – for disadvantaged community identification and case studies
Climate Ready Councils – the adaptation business case for local authorities
Flood Toolkit – for local authorities
Sesame – flood resilience advice/guidance for SMEs
SWIMS – the severe weather capturing tool for local authorities
Business Resilience Healthcheck – for SMEs
Weathering the Storm – for businesses
Under the Weather – for the health sector