100m solar funding for commercial properties owners

Commercial property owners in the West Midlands can now secure low energy costs for 25 years, with a dedicated solar investment by renewables specialist Regenerco.

In an unprecedented solar energy drive, Burton-based Regenerco promises to invest more than £100 million in large scale photovoltaic solar panels on large commercial properties across the Midlands and the south of England, generating 40MW within 18 months.

Supporting government goals to promote green power, Regenerco is focusing on businesses in the West Midlands with large roof spaces, throughout January, to help them eliminate the cost of solar at the point of use and fix their energy costs for free, at vastly reduced rates in a volatile market.

Companies can register on the Regenerco website to lease their redundant roof space and have the additional benefit of massively reduced power costs during the day or a fixed rental and secured power costs for 25 years. Founded by Nigel Price and Richard Frearson, Regenerco is supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and leading venture capital trusts.

“It’s a business model that sounds too good to be true, but we’ve already got many installations underway, so Regenerco is very much the real thing. Property companies will be able to increase turnover simply by adding this additional income stream,” commented Nigel.

“Richard and I have been tirelessly working on bringing this proposition to a commercial audience for the past 18 months, and are now ready for companies in the West Midlands to sign up to free solar. There are no catches and no costs – it really is a great deal for any business as long as they own their own property and have a south facing roof over 20,000 sq ft.”


Sustainability West Midlands encourages the uptake of renewable in the West Midlands but we want organisations to get the best deal possible. We have published a report which allows this to happen by providing a comprehensive range of questions to ask providers before accepting offers of free photovoltaic panels.