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2030 Climate Emergency- COP26 Leadership Challenge?

The UK government has agreed to reduce emissions by 68% by 2030, though no details have been produced, or its Net Zero 2050 Plan. A budget breakdown appears yet to be internally resolved with the Treasury. COP 26 Leadership outcome should be measured beyond 190 countries unanimously endorsing the dramatic recent IPCC report, by presenting their road maps and budgets to deliver. It’s not just Greta Thunberg saying it, but clearly, we are on course for the climate titanic disaster! UK emissions are largely produced from using one third power/electricity, one third gas/ heating and one third petrol/diesel for transport. We have 50% renewables for electricity but marginal for heating and transport. There are multiple green technology sources to complement the success of wind and solar power which are commercially viable, with falling costs, increasing innovative efficiency and more so on scale. Offshore wind particularly in the North Sea coming online between now and 2030 will produce power at an average cost of £47 megawatt hour and a little more for large scale solar compared to £92 megawatt hour for the new nuclear Hinkley Point. Read the full article here

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