Accelar helps to pinpoint opportunities to drive down carbon in construction

With the need for urgent action to decarbonise infrastructure and construction, clean growth SME Accelar is demonstrating how carbon can be tracked and reduced through three innovative projects. These include:

  • Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy (TIES) Living Lab
    This transformational project aims to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and ways of working to improve the whole life value of infrastructure assets.
  • Decarbonising Precast Concrete project
    Accelar’s circular economy and carbon experts have been developing cradle to gate carbon footprints of precast concrete products. The project aims to lever the interaction between, design, manufacture and installation along with the development of innovative concrete mixes to reduce the embodied carbon footprint using the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) secure accommodation platform designs as its benchmark.
  • Procuring for Growth project
    Accelar is supporting the development of new carbon reporting that is fully integrated into IAND’s innovative digital supplier analytics and collaboration platform.

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